Especialitats Vilà | Som la base
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Especialitats Vilà

At Especialitats Vila, supplying customers with sponge cake bases is one of our strongest points. We provide these bases in different tastes, sizes and thicknesses according to each customer’s choice.

Our company has experienced a great deal of growth in recent years. Today we manufacture different product lines based on our wide experience. We would like to focus your attention on our exclusive creation, the ground biscuit crumb used to enhance cakes and so on.



Discover our products

You can find detailed information on our website. Our Products Technical Data and catalogues are available for your convenience


One of our main interests is quality. Especialitats Vilà supply you with sponge cake bases and sponge sheets bases according to your needs with the best quality guaranteed.

Our BRC Certificate ensures that our company achieves the worldwide requirements and guarantees the quality, safety and operational standards of all our products. It covers not only our company site, but also the selection of all raw materials, storage and distribution.