Especialitats Vilà | Quality
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One of our main interests is quality. Especialitats Vilà supplies you with sponge discs bases and sponge sheets bases according to your needs with the best quality guaranteed.

Our IFS Certificate ensures that our company achieves the worldwide requirements and guarantees the quality, safety and operational standards of all our products. It covers not only all our products in our company site, but also the selection of all raw materials, storage and distribution. The result is that the product reaches you in the best way.


At Especialitats Vilà, we offer you quality and service.

We compromise with all our customers in offering them our best quality products to match their requirements. Being the nutrition and taste of our products our utmost premises.

Quality Control

Our company offers you transparent and counselling comprehensive information on quality and food safety control.


We help you to benefit from our easy and straightforward managing process.


Our 24-hour manufacturing process offers you the best products and service.